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Springfield Land Corporation - Testimonial


We have worked with IT Associates for nearly 10 years. IT Associates has seen our business grown from a small team of 12 people to over 40 staff plus two sub-campuses accommodating over 70 staff.

Through this, IT Associates has guided and shaped the building of reliable platforms, hardware and software to meet with the changing needs of the organisation, its growth and the day to day operations.

IT Associates also managed the upkeep of systems and were reliable and always on call, even during the busiest periods.

IT Associates have been a trusted company partner and technology advisor that have always had the organisation’s interest at heart. They have added enormous value to Springfield Land Corporation by equipping them with the best technology, yet working within budgets.

We appreciate the business relationship that we have developed with IT associates over the years and would highly recommend their services to other businesses.

Raynuha Sinnathamby
Deputy Managing Director
Springfield Land Corporation Pty Ltd

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