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Data CenterA data centre is a specially designed area used to house computer servers, storage systems and associated business technology infrastructure. They are commonly designed to withstand fires, burglary and other environmental hazards such as earthquakes. Data centres have special air conditioning systems which keeps the computing technology housed within operating at their optimal temperature to ensure reliability and preserve longevity of the equipment. Access to clients systems in a data centre is often through the internet or via a private direct link.

Why use a data centre?
One of the biggest advantages of a data centre is the isolation between systems and your physical office. Often information on servers is critical to the success and continuity of business and the risk of an adverse situation is substantially reduced when the systems are located off-site in a secure facility with multiple levels of redundancy.

A further benefit is the ability to automatically load balance your connectivity needs across a number of internet services providers. For example, if you have a primary internet link from your server to provider A and a secondary link to provider B, should one go down then the other link will automatically take over the load and provide continued uptime to your staff and customers - mandatory for any business today.

Data centres also have a number of other benefits such as uninterrupted power supplies and diesel generators, ensuring that any power failures will not affect the systems in the centre. This combined with the cooling and fire supression benefits, make it the ideal place to contain large amounts of servers and business technology systems.

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