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Managed Services

IT Associates offers complete IT support through our managed services program. These programs provide support based on the number of machines and/or other peripherals utilised in an organisation.

Some of the services provided under these programs include:

  • Onsite Services
  • Networks
  • Servers
  • Routers
  • Workstation Computers
  • Hardware
  • Software

Help Desk Services
With Help Desk Services we can assist you either over the telephone, or via our remote access technology. Then latter allows us to see your screen and move the mouse, just as if we were sitting in front of the computer. You can even leave the computer to do other things while the problem is being rectified.

Help Desk Support is cost-effective, fast and in most cases, problems can be resolved within 15 minutes. The Help Desk is always open to assist you at anytime.

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