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Cloud Computing. Business Continuity. Worry-Free IT.

IT Associates has been working with a number of global partners over the last few years to develop a best of breed, yet local centric, Cloud Computing platform that today we call ‘Cirrusphere’.


What is Cirrusphere?

Cirrusphere is a complete technology platform, suited to Australian headquartered businesses. It forms the foundation that enables you to operate your business anytime and anywhere via the internet, without worrying about your underlying technology systems. Cirrusphere is backed by IT Associates managed technology team who are responsible for providing the backbone technology platforms that power many businesses that collectively turnover billions of dollars annually. Cirrusphere leverages pooled technology efficiencies, to ensure you only use what your business requires, therefore providing you with improve production and greater efficiency, without increasing your costs.


Benefits of Cirrusphere:

Reduced Cost: Cirrusphere is billed monthly, often with minimal or no set up charges, saving you capital expenditure.

Increased Storage: Your business can store more data than you could possibly use in your legacy on-premise systems.

Advanced Access: Anywhere and anytime access to everything on Cirrusphere, providing you have an active internet connection.

Highly Automated: No longer do IT personnel need to worry about keeping software up to date. Standard applications such as Microsoft Office are kept up to date as new versions are released and included in your monthly investment.

Flexibility: Cirrusphere offers much more flexibility than past computing methods. Scale and growth is possible within minutes for your business.

More Mobility: Employees can access information wherever they are, rather than having to remain at their desks. Compatibility with the latest mobile computing hardware such as Tablets, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, etc, is automatically included to make your lives easier.

Allows IT to shift focus: You no longer having to worry about constant server updates and other computing issues, instead you will be free to concentrate on the more important aspects of your business.

Environmentally Friendly: Your business will automatically become environmentally friendly by utilising Cirrusphere, as you do no longer have to have under-utilised servers consuming power and cooling resources at your office. You save by not having to pay for ever-increasing power bills as well. We also enforce resource pooling through our systems, with Cirrusphere increasing technology hardware efficiencies by a factor of 8 times.


Cirrusphere is:

Cost Effective:

Cirrusphere offers the potential for a transformation in the design, development, and distribution of next-generation technologies. These technologies enable flexible, pay-as-you-go business models that are altering the future of computing from mobile platforms and devices, to the data centre.

The use of such systems enhances the idea of doing more with less. In the long term, your transition to a cloud computing model can be a wise business strategy, and a cost effective means to optimise your IT Infrastructure.

Flexible and Easy to Implement:

Instead of worrying about months of planning and implementation, Cirrusphere allows your IT Support department to initiate and complete implementation to your entire workplace within hours, not weeks. You are free to choose a cloud offering that best suits your company’s business practices and security protocols.

Continuously Evolving:

Like any technology, Cloud Computing is in a constant state of evolution which, in theory, means IT companies won’t have to worry about ensuring the scalability of their data infrastructure and future-proofing their entire workplace. This helps alleviate any potential problems like additional costs and physical space issues that may come during expansions and hardware refresh cycles.


Cirrusphere can eliminate some immediate/up-front IT costs. But for the vast majority of business customers, Cirrusphere represents a whole lot more, including:

Scalability: Cirrusphere provides scaling on demand. No need to continue to purchase and procure more hardware to scale. Cirrusphere can simply pump up the computing power when you need it; on demand.

Predictability: Businesses hate big, expensive surprises, such as an unexpected server repair or a major software upgrade. Cloud Computing is like a utility, delivered at an agreed cost every month, with no surprises. On-premise systems, on the other hand, have fluctuating costs based on major upgrade cycles and repairs.

Reliability: Overall, most cloud systems are more reliable than individual PCs and small business servers. We read and hear about cloud outages because they impact major communities of users. We don’t hear much about individual PC and server outages because they happen on isolated islands (i.e., within small businesses). Cirrusphere is tailored to suit any business from 10 users right up to thousands of users.


How much does Cirrusphere cost?

Cirrusphere is available to your business from $49 per month per user. The IT Associates team is committed to helping you take full advantage of the benefits that Cirrusphere can bring to your business.

We are so confident that you will see the benefits of Cirrusphere, that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on your first months fee, excluding any set up charges.

Contact us for a customised proposal aligned to your business technology needs.

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