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Steelforce Australia Ltd - Testimonial


As a leading producer of pipe and Tube in China , wholesaler/trader of Structual steel, pipe, tube and the fastest growing steel distributor throughout Australia, the reliance upon technology for Steelforce’s day-to-day business operations has always been mission critical.

Since engaging IT Associates as our technology provider in 2006, Steelforce has grown rapidly from a single location company into a multi-national operation. The development and management of the technology infrastructure has been instrumental in the company’s successful growth.

IT Associates have played a critical role in all areas of our technology needs, by building a scalable, reliable and working platform, which continues to power our business backbone every day.

Steelforce has built its business through solid relationships and working closely with our customers, which is the same philosophy that IT Associates follow and perform extremely well.

Why do we recommend IT Associates? Because they are our trusted technology advisors!

Darren Shelton
Chief Operating Officer / Director
Steelforce Australia Ltd

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