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Leverage your Apple products

IT Associates can help you leverage your products to best suit your business needs!

We can help you adapt your Apple products to your existing business network model. An example of this is allowing the ability to offer your Windows operating system on an Apple computer system, as many businesses do run bespoke Windows-only applications.

IT Associates has noticed that some IT Professionals who are PC adapted do not wish to switch to a Mac system. Many people insist that they “need” Windows for one reason or another, but many don’t know that Macs can run other operating systems, including Windows, whenever necessary.

If your business is utilising cloud computing technologies, such as Cirrusphere, then you don’t even need Windows running on your Mac. Any computer device with an internet connection will permit you to access and operate your business applications through the cloud with ease. Ask us for a demonstration of this in practice.

If you wish to make the move to Mac, rest assured you can bring your PC files with you. If you use a piece of software that is not available for the Mac, IT Associates can install Windows on a Mac to allow use of those applications.

Also available on a Mac system is Microsoft Office and all associated programs including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. All files created on a Mac are fully compatible with Windows and vice versa. While there are some small differences, but since Apple’s transition to Intel Processors, Macs and PCs are now both using compatible hardware which makes this integration successful.

For all questions related to using Apple products and your business, please complete the form on the right of this page and we will contact you to discuss. Alternatively, feel free to call our team on: 1300 662 811

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