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An anti-spam solution to protect your business

Tired of losing productivity because of spam?

Worried about the next email virus?

Email productivity, availability and quality are major issues and businesses simply cannot function without a reliable and trusted email system.

Today more than 85% of all electronic mail traffic on the internet is unwanted, malicious or offensive and as a result businesses can be exposed to a variety of increasingly sophisticated attacks from hackers, spammers and phishers. Preventing this unwanted spam from reaching your network improves employee productivity by virtually eliminating the need to read and delete spam.

The IT Associates anti-spam solution:

Filters out all messaging threats including spam and viruses before they reach your network

Quarantines all filtered email so you can safely examine it at your convenience

Has 99% accuracy in its filtering

Updates virus filters every 15 minutes

Is easy to deploy; requires no new hardware or software

Uses award winning filtering technology as its backbone with multiple redundant data centres around the world

Is only $9 (inc GST) per month, per mailbox

Plus $99 set up fee (or free if you commit to 24 months)

Order today and your service will be operational in 2-3 days.

100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied after using the service for 30 days


Security Issues:

Identity theft: Phishing and scams are distributed as spam, directly leading to identity theft and fraud.

Viruses: New viruses, worms, and malware use spam techniques to propagate after being triggered by the user.

Combining exploits and spam: The distinction between malicious hackers and spammers has become less obvious. Many spammers have incorporated malicious code that targets browser, HTML, and Javascript vulnerabilities.

Combining viruses and spam: It is widely believed that some viruses are designed to assist spammers. As spam becomes more prevalent, the use of malware and spyware to support spam is likely to increase.


6 Benefits of the IT Associates anti-spam solution:

Happier staff

Higher productivity / efficiency

Less viruses and therefore lower support costs

More secure operating environment

Reduced bandwidth ISP costs

Faster emails received into your company


IT Associates spam filtering service delivers protection against both established and emerging spam techniques and our automatic and continuous updates keep your spam protection levels current 24/7. By correctly identifying spam, the impact of email viruses, exploits, and identity theft can be significantly reduced.

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