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What to look for in the right IT Service Provider?

There are many IT service companies out there offering a variety of products and services.

To ensure you are choosing the right IT service provider for your business you must consider the following before making your decision:

» Knowledge

Your business has critical and sensitive data that you need to protect, so choose an IT service provider that is knowledgeable about your business operations.

» Regular audits

IT service providers who offer a review at the beginning of your engagement and also periodic reviews each year, allow you to see how your business has improved over time.

» Ongoing Support

You shouldn’t have to wait for IT support to get back to you, especially when you have a critical issue at hand. Your IT support should provide you with consistent professional support, both during and outside business hours, with a guaranteed response time.

» Backups for critical data

Your data is the value of your business. It is critical that all of the data on your server should be backed up online to a diverse location. However the online backup should not be your only line of defence, as the best strategy includes a primary, secondary and tertiary backup method.

» Dedicated team

Look for a provider that is interested in growing their business, as this will help ensure you are looked after and not become just a number on their database. IT service providers who seek out best practices from around the globe and hire professional consultants to enhance their business, inevitably add the best value to your business through their new, fresh and modern ideas.

» Customised services

Don’t settle for a “one-size-fits-all” service. The services you are offered should be customised to the needs of your business. As your needs change, so should the support offered to you.

» Co-Managed Support

If your business already has a grasp of your IT support systems, you won’t need support from the provider all the time, but you should be able to access it whenever necessary. Response time is such an important factor in the choice for an IT support provider. If you require remote support, look for IT support providers who can respond within minutes to any emergencies. Ask for this to be documented as well in their contract with you.

Is the Provider stable?

Find out if the IT service provider is a stable operation equipped with the technical infrastructure and staff to deploy a solution for your business within your specified time frame. Look for a provider that has been in business for at least 3+ years, as this will help ensure they have been through at least one complete IT refresh with their customers. Also look for a provider who is willing to supports your staff to fine-tune your system and to address any problems that might arise after any major project implementation. If they only want to do the project, take your money and walk away from further support, then do not select such a provider.

Do you have a contract?

It seems simple, but many providers don't have a proper contract to offer you. It is what really helps separate the professional providers from the amateurs. This should also include a confidentiality agreement which is a contract through which the parties agree not to disclose critical information about your business to others. Remember that most IT service providers do have access to your most sensitive data contained on your systems.

Are they a Trustworthy business?

Finally, seek an IT service provider that is trustworthy with a proven track record. If they are proud of their business you should be able to see and request testimonials, case studies and customers references to investigate their track record. Do not put your trust in a company that lacks the experience and knowledge you require.

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