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Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

IT Associates has been building private cloud computing environments for our customers since 2006. Today we are leading the charge of cloud computing throughout Australia, with many forward-thinking business owners understanding the key benefits to this new technology that is sweeping the globe.

Technology is an ever expanding and evolving tool. But the main problem with traditional, on-premise server solutions is that it becomes complicated and expensive to run. The potential to competitively differentiate by taking advantage of new technology is often unrealised: excessive time and money is spent on analysing needs, provisioning hardware, upgrading, or simply supporting and maintaining your hardware and software systems. Cloud computing now offers a fundamental transformation opportunity for businesses, by providing new ways of delivering and consuming IT services. It enables real cost savings, rapid time-to-benefit and on-going access to technology innovation.

Cloud computing customers don't have to raise the capital to purchase, manage, maintain, and scale the physical infrastructure required to handle drastic traffic fluctuations. Cloud computing customers instead simply pay for the resources they use, as they use them.

This technology allows for much more efficient computing by centralising storage, memory, processing, and bandwidth. Cloud computing is an important transition and a paradigm shift in IT service delivery; one that provides large gains in efficiency and flexibility at a time when demands on data centres are growing exponentially.

You can think of cloud computing as a pyramid with three layers:

What is Cirrusphere?

Cirrusphere is IT Associates cloud computing technology platform.

Cirrusphere forms the foundation that enables you to operate your business anytime and anywhere via the internet, without worrying about your underlying technology systems.

Cirrusphere can be implemented as either a new standalone platform or it can be implemented as a Hybrid Platform, utilising your existing technology infrastructure.

If you’re uncertain about moving all of your business into the ‘cloud’, then consider the Hybrid Platform solution.

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